Rescue Cleaning

When your boards have been exposed to external environmental contaminants, contaminated incoming materials, or rework soldering fluxes, rescue cleaning can recover those products. Our goal is recovery of your products to a cleanliness level equal to or better than the original processing.



When Do You Need Rescue Cleaning?

If you’re experiencing a high number of no-trouble-found (NTF) returns or intermittent performance problems, rescue cleaning has been proven to be an effective alternative to scrapping the hardware. When production schedules make it impossible to build additional hardware for replacing contaminated assemblies, rescue cleaning can recover contaminated inventory to a level that meets or exceeds the warranty requirements. In cases where incoming materials are found to be contaminated, our cleaning techniques can remove the contaminants effectively and in a timely enough manner to meet production needs.



Our Process

During the Cleaning Customization and Validation, an optimized cleaning protocol for your product conditions will be developed and proven effective through testing. This establishes a basis for appropriate processes to meet your needs. We work with you to institute a plan for cleaning and cleanliness monitoring at an established frequency.



Project Details and Deliverables

The plan includes timing for the receipt, cleaning, and return of product. Arrangements will cover periodic monitoring of the cleaning using ion chromatography. With each return shipment, a certificate of conformance will be provided. If required, each cleaned item can be marked. The arrangements will also cover the timing of reports on the results of the ion chromatography testing. The reports can be used by our clients as independent cleanliness verification from a third-party laboratory, using IPC-approved testing protocol.