Proof of Cleaning

This investigation establishes the incoming, product cleanliness level. The cleaning protocol is then developed, the product cleaned and the cleanliness of the product assessed. If additional optimization is required, the product is again cleaned and assessed. Visual and ionic analysis is reported and recommendations made. Proof of cleaning effectiveness is established and product is returned to you for functional testing.


The goal of a Proof of Cleaning investigation is to ensure that the product can be recoverable and the cleaning procedure is effective before incurring further expenses.



Our Process

Ion chromatography (IC) is used to assess any residues. Our laboratory uses IPC TM 650 2.3.28A to separate, identify, and quantify the residues from contaminated hardware, evaluating cleaning effectiveness.  Process control of the cleaning is accomplished by using the C3 localized cleanliness test system.


This project requires ten (10) samples from the population of assemblies to be cleaned. Three (3) of these samples are tested as-received. The remaining seven (7) samples are cleaned and three (3) of these are tested using ion chromatography. The four (4) cleaned, untested samples are returned to our client for inspection and functional testing.



Project Deliverables

Once the lab data and photo-documentation are available, the project report is written and sent, via email, to the project contact. The report includes:


  • IC test results, including species and quantity;
  • photo-documentation of critical areas;
  • recommendations;
  • follow-up discussion.


Cleaning and optimization will be accomplished within five (5) business days. The cleaned product will be returned and an electronic report will be issued at the end of the five (5) days.