X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

With X-Ray Fluorescence analysis, we’re able to analyze lead-free processed assemblies for RoHS directive compliance.


Utilizing a Fisherscope XRF XDAL system, we can examine assemblies with a 0.2 mm focal distance. This system is capable of performing both quantitative elemental analysis and thickness measurements in an integrated fashion. XRF analysis is able to examine each component on an assembly individually through a small spot analysis method. Our XRF XDAL system has the ability to provide a meaningful and accurate measure of the RoHS compliancy of a product, including identifying any areas of non-compliance.



Applications of XRF Analysis

  • Quantitative analysis of solid, powder or paste-like materials as well as liquids
  • Thickness and element composition measurements of individual coatings in coating systems with up to 24 different elements
  • Substrate materials analysis through coating systems



Advantages of XRF Analysis

  • Non-destructive analytical method
  • Analyzes small solder joints
  • Focal distance of 0.2mm spot analysis
  • Able to differentiate layer thicknesses
  • With known stack-up structure, we are able to program the system to examine each layer
  • Automated system to look at one joint of every component to ensure RoHS compliance
  • System designed to exclude interval leaded constituents and does not include the interfacial aspects of the components, but only the external solder surfaces, joint and board layers



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