Residue Characterization


Foresite has extensive knowledge and experience characterizing residues present on electronic hardware. We understand the impact that process residues can have on product reliability and offer solutions to help minimize or mitigate your risks.


Sources of Corrosive and Conductive Residues

Today, corrosive and/or conductive residues come from a variety of sources, including:

  • Process steps, including board fabrication, component fabrication, and assembly
  • Materials
  • The environments in which the product is stored and used

The Value of Residue Characterization

Sometimes it is simply understanding the flux manufacturer’s requirement to properly heat activate the flux during application; other situations may require adding a cleaning step in your process. In some cases, characterization is a step in our determination that certain residues on the electronics do not pose a performance or reliability threat and do not require corrective action, focusing your efforts.


Which analytical test(s) will give you the most pertinent and accurate results for your situation? This is another area in which we excel, understanding which particular test method or equipment will provide you with the answers you need.



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