Foresite uses several microscopy and imaging techniques for failure analysis and other projects requiring detailed inspection of samples. These techniques include:



Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

The scanning electron microscope is an instrumental tool for metallurgical failure analysis. SEM can provide detailed images at greater than 50,000x. Foresite utilizes an AMRAY 3200-S which features a variable pressure mode allowing for imaging of non-conducting samples such as plastics and ceramics without sputter coating.



Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis (EDX)

EDX is a technique used in conjunction with a SEM to identify the elemental composition of a sample. Quantitative elemental concentrations can be determined at a spot or over an area. Foresite utilizes a 4pi EDX to provide analysis of microscopic features, particles and contaminants. The 4pi system can also generate image maps showing locations of individual elements.



X-ray Inspection

X-ray Inspection

X-ray Inspection

Foresite utilizes a Glenbrook Technologies Jewel Box 90-C X-ray Inspection System that is particularly suited for the inspection of electronic assemblies. The system’s large chamber and multi-axis controls allow for the examination of circuit boards over a wide range of magnification and off-axis viewing angles.


Specifications include 90kV accelerating voltage with a maximum target power of 8 watts. The video image window is 640×480 with an 8-bit gray scale.


Typical applications include both solder joint quality assessment and package component failure analysis.


BGA Solder Ball Assessment Failure Analysis of Package Components


Optical Microscopes

Leica Stereomicroscope

A Leica MZ12.5 high-performance stereomicroscope fitted with 10x eyepieces provides a magnification range of 8x – 100x. The system is also fitted with a digital imaging system, which allows for photo documentation of the device being observed. The magnification range makes the scope suitable for a variety of applications including IPC-A-610 inspection, photo documentation of C3 extraction locations and high-magnification optical images of dendrites, creep corrosion, etc.


Keyence Digital Microscope

The VHX Series Digital Microscope is an all-in-one microscope system that can observe, measure and record – all within a single system. Extremely versatile, this equipment combines the capabilities of a conventional stereomicroscope, compound microscope, and metallurgical microscope. Elevating digital microscopy to a new level, the VHX Series achieves a 0.1x – 5,000x magnification range. One of the main benefits of this digital microscope is its incredibly large depth-of-field, making it possible to inspect an object from any angle and perform 2D/3D observation and measurement.


Tagarno Digital Microscope

The Tagarno MAGNUS HD UNO digital microscope features a maximum magnification of up to 105x. This lower magnification system with high-definition resolution and autofocus feature allows for quick capture of overall images of PCBAs or larger areas of interest. A UV light ring accessory allows for inspection of conformal coating coverage and related issues.


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