Physical Testing: Shear Testing/Pull Testing

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Foresite has developed a process to shear the leads of a surface mount device (i.e. SOIC, SOP, QFP) at the package interface without disturbing the associated solder joint. The remaining lead can then be gripped and subjected to a pull test to assess the strength of the solder joint. With in-house cross-sectioning and visual and SEM imaging capabilities, the resultant fracture can be analyzed (i.e. ductile or brittle fracture, IMC thickness, etc.).


Foresite utilizes a Dage 4000 Bondtester in its shear and pull testing. The Dage 4000 Bondtester is capable of 100 kg of force in the Y-axis (shear) and 10 kg of force in the Z-axis (pull). Foresite has a variety of test cartridges available including 100 g and 5 kg tweezer pull, 10 kg hook pull, and 5 kg and 100 kg shear.


The Nordson DAGE 4000 conforms to, and in many cases exceeds, the following industry standards:


Cold bump pullJEITA EIAJ ET-7407
BGA bump shearJEDEC JESD22-B117A
Cold bump pullJEDEC JESD22-B115
AU ball shearJEDEC JESD22-B116
Ball bond shearASTM F1269
Wire pullDT/NDT MIL STD 883
Stud pullMIL STD 883
Flip chip pullJEDEC JESD22-B109
Die shearMIL STD 883



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