Our Analytical Methods

Foresite uses a wide range of analytical methods to identify specific residues on the surfaces of electronics..


Commonly Used Residue Analytical Methods

Ion Chromatography

From the beginning, Foresite has used ion chromatography (IC) as a critical tool in our residue-related failure analysis, detecting both anions and cations.



FT-IR Spectroscopy

This analytical method characterizes organic and inorganic substances that could have a negative impact on your product.



Electron Microscopy (SEM/EDS)

Microscopic analysis allows for in-depth analysis of the inner layers of PCBs, PCBAs, and components, catching weaknesses that are almost impossible to pinpoint.



X-ray Fluorescence

XRF is a quick, non-destructive, analytical technique used to determine the elemental composition of a material or mass. Another primary use of XRF, which Foresite performs for numerous clients, is to screen and verify that circuit boards, components and assemblies  are compliant to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) initiatives.

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Testing Support Services

Digital Photo Documentation

Photo documentation is provided with every project.



Full Range of Services

Foresite coordinates with other test laboratories to provide a full range of test services for our clients. Please contact us for additional information.


Analytical Methods Used In Standard Investigative Projects

Note: The following  table includes some of  the testing services Foresite provides. Additional testing can be performed to ASTM, Bellcore, IPC J-STD, JEDEC and customer specifications.



Test TypeTest MethodName
ChemicalIPC TM 650 2.3.25D
IPC TM 650
IPC TM 650 2.3.27
IPC TM 650
IPC TM 650 2.3.28B
IPC TM 650
IPC TM 650
IPC TM 650 2.3.38C
IPC TM 650 2.3.39C
Resistivity of Solvent Extract (ROSE)
Ionic Cleanliness Testing of Bare Boards
Cleanliness Test – Residual Rosin
Rosin Flux Residue Analysis
Ionic Analysis of Circuit Boards
Halide Content of Soldering Fluxes & Pastes
Bare Printed Board Cleanliness
Surface Organic Contamination Detection
Surface Organic Contamination Identification
EnvironmentalIPC TM 650
IPC TM 650
IPC TM 650
IPC TM 650
IPC TM 650
IPC TM 650 2.6.4B
IPC TM 650 2.6.14D
IPC TM 650
GR 78 Chapter 13.1
GR 78 Chapter 13.1
Bellcore Chapter 14.4
Surface Insulation Resistance, Fluxes
Moisture & Insulation Resistance, Conformal Coating
Bare Board Cleanliness
Surface Insulation Resistance, Fluxes – Telecommunications
Surface Insulation Resistance
Outgassing, Printed Boards
Resistance to Electrochemical Migration, Solder Mask
Electrochemical Migration Resistance
Bellcore SIR Test
Bellcore Electromigration Test
Bellcore Fabricator SIR
MechanicalIPC TM 650 2.4.1E
IPC TM 650
IPC TM 650
IPC TM 650 2.1.1
Adhesion, Tape Testing
Die Shear Strength
Wire Bond Pull Strength