Client Proprietary Research

Foresite resolves electronics reliability issues. Your ability to produce reliable electronics, existing or new, is in a constant state of flux (pardon the pun). Contamination-related reliability issues can certainly be process related, but they can also be related to storage or service environment, materials, or even design. Product requirements change (e.g. regulations) as do failure modes.



Areas of Research

Foresite has researched failure modes that are new to a client, new to a product or process, or new to an application. Maybe a mature product suddenly experiences a reliability issue in one area of the world – why? And, how can the issue be resolved quickly, with the least disruption, at the lowest cost?


Perhaps you’re developing an electronics product or process improvement, or something more revolutionary, and need confidential assistance, especially if the development appears patentable. In addition to developmental assistance, we can provide independent, third party verification of test results.


We can research your specific challenge.


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