Process Validation

Process validation is an analytical protocol designed to establish the baseline condition of a manufacturer’s existing or proposed process. Validation is accomplished by identifying the materials used in the manufacturing sequences, analyzing the thermal excursions seen by the product, and extracting any soluble residues remaining on the finished assemblies. Subsequent analysis of these residues will identify specific ionic and/or organic elements, correlating the electrochemical performance characteristics to product reliability.



Information Requested Prior to Process Validation Services

Foresite engages in consultation with each client prior to any project to identify project goals, design an applicable test matrix and provide technical information derived from our experience and knowledge of the effects of contaminants on product reliability.



Requirements for Process Validation Services

To provide our client with the project deliverables, a process profile must be established. This process profile is used to outline all of the pertinent facts required to make a valid assessment of the assembly process and the resultant final assemblies. The information collected becomes the basis for the final report findings and recommendations. Complete and accurate information is imperative to project success.


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