Process Monitoring

Every manufacturing operation has its defined boundaries and tasks – its specifications. Process monitoring observes an operation to ensure that everything is running smoothly, in control. Your goal is to create a quality product efficiently and effectively. Regularly scheduled process monitoring during normal operation allows you to consistently watch over your manufacturing process and ensure that everything is working properly.


Our Approach to Process Monitoring

Our approach to process monitoring is to conduct a detailed review of each operation, provide clients with monitoring deliverables, and manage samples produced as part of the regular production operations. The samples are sent to Foresite for evaluation and reporting.

The evaluation normally includes Ion chromatography (IC) analysis. Our IC results are compared to data recorded with your existing (ROSE) testing system, and establishing a baseline performance threshold and providing the basis for an ongoing validation of performance via periodic product sample checks. Ion chromatography is also a very effective tool to check the consistency of incoming PCB and component cleanliness.


Often, when Foresite re-establishes a client’s process that has produced product experiencing field service failures, monitoring of our client’s process is required by the end user (if not our client) to ensure that the fault condition does not re-occur. The Process Monitoring Program is performed on a specific product, process sequence, and material list defined at the beginning of the monitoring. The goal of the program is to quickly identify any deviation from the baseline performance. Thus, testing of other products, processes, or materials cannot be included in the subject monitor project.
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