On-Site Process Audit and Optimization

Electronics performance and/or reliability issue investigations into root cause conditions occasionally require Foresite to visit our client’s manufacturing facility to witness actual production. We review the materials used, equipment setup, operator actions, in-process and final product status.

Foresite also offers educational seminars to manufacturing, quality, and management personnel regarding various topics related to residues: identification; product reliability impact; specification compliance; handling precautions; sources of contamination; measurement techniques; and general process control and optimization.


We consult with each of our clients prior to the start of any activity to identify project goals, design an applicable test matrix and provide technical information derived from our experience and knowledge of the effects of contaminants on product reliability.


Dates for on-site services are established upon receipt of a purchase order or credit card information.



On-Site Educational Deliverables

Foresite on-site educational deliverables:

  • Training presentation and discussion with attendees
  • Presentation format: PowerPoint
  • Presentation master file supplied to reproduce for each attendee
  • Reference material pertinent to subjects discussed
  • Applicable Foresite case study discussions
  • Discussion of specification compliance issues
  • General educational consultation regarding manufacturing residues


Information Requested Prior to On-Site Services

In order to provide our client with efficient on-site evaluation or training, advance, process-related information is required. Complete and accurate requested information is imperative to the success of the evaluation or training.

The following information is requested prior to on-site services:

  • A detailed history of the process and the current situation
  • Has your company qualified the current manufacturing process? How? By whom? When?
  • Has the existing process performance been validated to establish a baseline?
  • What are the product requirements and goals for field reliability? (IPC Class 2 or 3?)
  • What is the product classification? (automotive, medical, military, general commercial)
  • What is the service environment of the product(s)? (geographic locations, conditions, orientation, etc.)
  • Is the product manufactured in a captive operation or by a contract service? Where?


Requirements for On-Site Training

The requirements for on-site training:

  • A classroom or conference room adequate for the audience size
  • A digital projector for a PowerPoint presentation
  • Client-specific material identified by Foresite prior to the training session


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