Get Third Party Evaluation of Your Product Build

Product Certification involves a detailed assessment of the materials used, equipment setup, operator actions, in-process and final product condition.


Product Certification Services and Products

Process Audit

Used to identify deviation from best practices and/or control limits, plus opportunities for improvement.

Process Qualification

Provides objective data indicating whether a process meets minimum standards.


Process Validation

Establishes the baseline condition of your existing or proposed process.

Process Assessment

Determines if residues from an electronic assembly process are detrimental.


Ion Chromatography for Electronic Assemblies and Bare Boards

Tests for contaminants that often contribute to electrochemical failures.

Cleanliness Analysis

Identifies ionic and organic residues that may impact product performance, reliability and/or compliance to specifications.


X-ray Fluorescence Analysis

Provides a meaningful and accurate measure of the RoHS compliancy of a product.

IPC Inspection

Various industry standard inspections including IPC 610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies.



Utilizes various, appropriate imaging techniques, including SEM/EDS.


Metallurgical analysis, allowing in-depth analysis of grain structures – for example, the inner layers of chips – at up to 1000x magnification.


Umpire Boards

Foresite-developed test vehicle used to evaluate electronics assembly processes. 

Umpire Kits

Complete kits to build test PCBAs to qualify assembly processes.