Keep Your Build Process and Supply Chain on Track

Goals for a monitoring program are defined at the beginning of the monitoring period. The goal of the program is to quickly identify any deviation from the baseline performance. We will work with you to identify project goals, design an applicable test matrix, and provide technical information derived from our experience and knowledge of the effects of contaminants on product performance and reliability.


Product Build Services and Products

Process Monitoring

Maintains control of manufacturing operations and ongoing compliance to specifications.

C3 Localized Cleanliness Assessment System

The only tester that indicates whether a specific, critical area of a PCBA is clean.


Ion Chromatography for Electronic Assemblies and Bare Boards

Tests for contaminants that often contribute to electrochemical failures.

Cleanliness Analysis

Identifies ionic and organic residues that may impact product performance, reliability, and/or compliance to specifications.


IPC Inspection

Various industry standard inspections including IPC 610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies.

X-ray Fluorescence Analysis

Provides a meaningful and accurate measure of the RoHS compliancy of a product.