Make Your Existing Product Even Better

A big-picture view of materials and processes is critical to reliability. Every step has an effect on the end product. Part of our utility as process consultants is that we see the big picture and understand the interrelationships.


Process Improvement Services and Products

Process Audit

Used to identify deviation from best practices and/or control limits, plus opportunities for improvement.

Process Monitoring

Maintains control of manufacturing operations and ongoing compliance to specifications.


Process Assessment

Determines if residues from an electronic assembly process are detrimental.

Ion Chromatography for Electronic Assemblies and Bare Boards

Tests for contaminants that often contribute to electrochemical failures.


Environmental Testing and Analysis

Determines whether the product’s operational environment may contribute to failure.

Cleanliness Analysis

Identifies ionic and organic residues that may impact product performance, reliability and/or compliance to specifications.



Identifies any product weaknesses or areas for improvement utilizing various, appropriate imaging techniques including SEM/EDS.


Metallurgical analysis allowing in-depth analysis of grain structures, including, for example, the inner layers of chips at up to 1000x magnification.


FTIR Spectroscopy

Characterizes organic and inorganic substances that could have a negative impact on your product.

Physical (Shear/Pull)

Physical testing of such product aspects as solder joint strength to quantify improvements or compare methods.


Umpire Boards

Foresite-developed test vehicle used to evaluate electronics assembly processes. 

Umpire Kits

Complete kits to build test PCBAs to quantify or compare assembly process improvements.