Have Questions?

If you have a question regarding your C3, and it is not answered below, please email C3support@residues.com or call 765-457-8095. Foresite encourages our C3 owners to contact us on any C3-related issues or suggestions.



What is the benefit of checking a spot on a board assembly versus the whole board?

Checking a specific 0.1 in² area on the circuit board will give accurate assessment of ionic or conductive residues present on that location. A full board check only gives you an average of all contaminants present over the entire board. Often the majority of a circuit board assembly is clean with only a few specific locations highly contaminated due to the particular manufacturing processes utilized.


What is included when I purchase a C3?

A C3 package includes: the C3, 100 test cells, 100 sample vials, 2 one liter bags of extraction solution, equipment manual, operating manual, 12 month warranty.


What type of warranty is provided with the C3?

A C3 comes with a 12 month limited warranty.


What do I do if the extracted sample tests “dirty”?

You can transfer the extracted sample from the test cell to a sample vial and send that vial to Foresite for ion chromatography analysis or perform your own IC analysis, if you have the capability.


Is the test cell re-useable?

The test cell is not re-useable. The used test cell has been exposed to contaminants and would not yield reliable test results in re-use.


What if I have vias at my test location?

Placing a piece of Kapton™ tape on the opposite side of the board will seal the vias and allow you to extract from the location without leaking extraction solution from the test site. Make sure your tape is ionically clean by C3 testing the adhesive side of the tape before you attempt to use it in C3 testing


Can the C3 be used in other countries with different power systems?

The C3 was designed to work internationally with 120-240 V, 50-60 Hz power grids. For Asian and European plugs, a plug format converter may be needed (widely available). This will depend on your electrical outlet pin design.


How long will a bag of extraction solution last?

A one (1) liter bag of extraction solution should last approximately one month or about 400 samples (based upon average process monitoring).


When does the extraction solution expire?

The extraction solution is guaranteed for 12 months from the packaging date.


Can I refill the extraction solution container and is the extraction solution unique?

Foresite will not guarantee your results if you refill the extraction solution container. The extraction solution is Type II laboratory extraction solution generated, assayed, and guaranteed by Foresite’s I.C. Laboratory.


How do I get more extraction solution?

Extraction solution can be purchased directly from Foresite here on our website: Order Consumables. You can also call 765-457-8095 or email c3support@foresiteinc.com. The part number is CES001SK.


Can I save a plot of the C3 test result?

The C3 automatically captures all test data from a test; however, it does not automatically capture the graph of the “clean” or “dirty” test results. On PDA-controlled C3s you can save a “screen capture” of the graphical result prior to starting the next test. After the next test is started the graph is lost. PLC touch screen models are capable of saving the detailed test data (CSV) upon command, from which the graph can be generated. The C3/C.I. reproduces the graph on the screen when a prior test is recalled from the log.


How many test results can be saved on the SD card provided with the PLC touch screen C3 unit?

The test data from approximately 1000 tests can be stored on the SD card provided with the C3. This will be lower if screen images are saved to the SD card.


How often should I download the data from the SD card on PLC touch screen C3s?

If you’re a heavy user (perform numerous test per day or save many screen images), you should download the contents of the SD card quarterly. Replacing the card with a larger memory SD card will also extend your time between downloads.


Can I extract the data from the C3 for analysis on a separate computer?

On PDA and PLC touch screen models, the C3 data is stored on the SD card and can be transferred to a PC by using the SD card reader (included). Data can be accessed in Microsoft Excel as a “space delimited file”. Contact Foresite for more information. The C3/C.I. model stores test data in the PC memory and can be easily downloaded: USB port; WiFi; Bluetooth.


How much of an extracted sample is required to be present in the test cell in order to get a good test?

The extracted sample should cover at least 1/2 of the “Y” pattern electrode in the test cell.


On PDA-controlled models, what do I do if the PDA will not charge?

Assure that the system is plugged into a working electrical outlet and perform a hard reset on the PDA using the stylus. If the PDA does not start to charge, contact Foresite.


What do I do if the C3 program gets lost on the PDA?

The program can be easily reloaded from the SD card. Instructions are in the Users Manual or contact Foresite.


Is there any calibration needed for the C3 and how often would I calibrate it?

Calibration is performed at the factory and no further calibration is needed. Periodic electrical verification should be performed (verification cells included) to assure the electrical system is functioning properly.


How often should a verification test be performed?

Foresite suggests weekly verification of the unit. If the verification results are ever out of range, please call Foresite.


Is the PDA-controlled C3 Bluetooth compatible?

Later units of the PDA-controlled C3 (HP1715) has no Bluetooth functions. Earlier C3 PDAs did have Bluetooth capabilities but the C3 does not support these applications. For more help contact HP about the model of PDA for assistance in Bluetooth questions.


Do you have an MSDS for the C3 Extraction Solution that I could download?

Yes. Download the C3 Extraction Solution MSDS.