Foresite C3 – Critical Cleanliness Control®

The C3 is unique among electronics cleanliness testers – it remains the only tester on the market that indicates whether a specific, critical area of a PCBA is clean.

Introducing the C3/C.I. (C3 Corrosivity Index™ Model)

The new C3/C.I. tracks the cleanliness of critical areas of your electronics over time with the Foresite C3 Corrosivity Index – a single test result that can be used to monitor and control manufacturing processes (and incoming component cleanliness).

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How the C3 Works

Simply select the components and/or areas of circuitry that are most sensitive and prone to contamination-related performance and/or reliability issues and test an area that is 0.1 in2, or even smaller.

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The C3 quickly provides feedback as to whether potentially detrimental residues, frequently from manufacturing processes, are present. The programmed test cycle is easily controlled with minimal training.

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Use for Extraction, Testing, or Both

The C3 can be used right in the electronics assembly area. In addition, product site-specific samples extracted by the C3 can be sent to a lab for analysis to identify the contaminants and measure their concentrations.

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C3 User Tips and Information

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