Testing and Consulting Services

Hello Terry – I wanted to let you and your staff know that the cleaning of the pcb’s was successful and appreciated. (      ) managed the project and reported a 3-4% yield increase, 97% to 99.4% yield increase which is a big improvement. – US Automotive Supplier


The turn-around time was great and your help was appreciated.US-based Contract Manufacturer


I wanted to thank you once more for all your help yesterday! Your expertise in the subject matter is truly impressive.Automotive CM


Guys, I want to thank you for the help all of you have provided on this latest PCB failure. It is appreciated. I continue to learn a lot with the help from Foresite.Global Contract Manufacturer


Just as some feedback for you, that I have told (   )…You guys are one of the most responsive and helpful suppliers I have dealt with in many years. – US-based Contract Manufacturer


It’s too bad we always have to deal with “problems”, but your team responds like no other. – US-based Contract Manufacturer




We have developed a contamination control plan based on the ability to take key process measurements with the C3 tester. We now have real time feedback to Process Engineering and Mfg. and can make adjustments immediately to maintain contamination within acceptable limits. – Universal Lighting


I have found the C3 to be a very useful tool and will use it in the future for all extractions where there is no interference.  I am in the process of relating my manual extractions to the C3 extraction. At present time the C3 is not used daily, only when needed – Continental Corporation


The C3 has worked extremely well. Initial start-up and familiarization were very easy. Interest in the C3 has increased tremendously now that other engineers have heard about it. – Whirlpool


The C3 is a wonderful go-no go test. It provides good results and rapidly. The customer service is very good, we always receive quick responses in a timely matter.Ultra Electronics


The C3 unit has provided Samtec a valuable tool to ensure our electronic flex assemblies meet the expectations of our customer cleanliness requirements. – Samtec


It has been an excellent tool for diagnostic. We have been using it a lot because of its capabilities at our laboratory. – Delphi


The C3 is a valuable tool in our process control and has worked well. The setup and testing process is easy to use. – Manufacturing Services.




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